Fees & Rebates

Specialist Visit Fees

Typical visit fees are $260 for a new consult, and $180 for a review consult.

Additional treatments on the day are charged separately (biopsy, liquid nitrogen etc.). 

Procedure Fees

Procedure fees depend on the number and type of treatments required. As a rule-of-thumb, the average out-of-pocket for a single surgery is $350. Multiple procedures, or more complex procedures incur a higher fee.

Bulk billing and concessions

This is a private specialist practice. Private fees typically apply.

The effect of Medicare Rebates

With a valid referral, Medicare rebates apply, meaning the final cost to you is less. See table below.

Father and Daight with a giraffe

(* Specialists at this clinic set their own fee schedules, so fees may vary.

Note re Dr Ahmed Kazmi: Dr Kazmi is trained and recognised as a Consultant Dermatologist in the UK. He is currently undertaking the process of achieving specialist recognition in Australia. During this time, as per section 19AB of the Health Insurance Act, Medicare rebates are not available for Dr Kazmi’s services within normal office hours. Dr Kazmi’s has adjusted his fees to ensure that the out-of-pocket cost to you is unchanged. Medicare rebates will resume as normal for all of Dr Kazmi’s consults from mid February 2024 onwards.)