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Specialised Medical Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic @ Karrinyup Dermatology specialises in medical cosmetic treatments. Find out more about how lasers and rejuvenation treatments can be used to treat a range of concerns, with excellent results.

Script Skincare Experience

Develop your individual skin profile and customised treatment plan with our complimentary VISIA Skin Analysis experience. Our team uses an innovative facial skin imaging system to scientifically measures 8 key areas of concern, providing you with an objective assessment of your skin and a better understanding of your skin inside-out. Learn more about our Script Experience.

Cosmetic Enhancements

Explore effective treatment plans designed to prevent the signs of ageing and rejuvenate your appearance. Whether you’re looking to reduce wrinkles, restore youthful volume, or achieve a radiant complexion, we have advanced solutions for all your skincare needs. 


Ready to combat excessive sweating?

We offer solutions tailored to reduce excessive sweating. Come in for a consultation to determine the most suitable treatment plan for you.

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