Bookings and Fees

Script Skincare Experience

Consultations by our expert team of Dermal Nurses are free and no-obligation. This Script Experience Consultation will customise the best skincare regime for you, and takes approximately 15 minutes.

Cosmetic Doctor Consultation

Your cosmetic care starts with a consultation visit. This helps the doctor to understand your needs and tailor the best treatment plan for you.


The out-of-pocket cost is roughly $100 for your first visit, and $70 for review visits. Procedure fees depend on the treatments chosen, and are listed below.

New Patient Offer

Save $100 off your first treatment! The out-of-pocket cost of your first consultation counts towards the cost of your first treatment. Welcome to Cosmetic @ Karrinyup!

GP referrals

The cosmetic doctors do not require a GP referral. However, if you have one, this may be relevant, so please let the team know when booking your first visit.

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Cosmetic Fees

Dermal Nurse Consultation Visit
Our dermal nurse is often the best person to see, to start your cosmetic journey. He/she can talk through your skin concerns and goals, and describe each of the services available.

A visit to our dermal nurse is complimentary, and includes a free VISIA digital skin assessment.

VISIA digital skin analysis

VISIA Digital Skin Analysis is complimentary with each Script Skincare Experience consultation, designed to find the perfect skincare product regime for you.

Exclusive Script Skincare Experience

The Script Skincare Experience, designed by world renowned cosmetic expert Professor Greg Goodman AM, is coming to Karrinyup! This complimentary assessment involves a detailed analysis of your skin, and your skincare needs, to form a custom skincare plan just for you. VISIA facial skin analysis is included free of charge.

Hydrafacial packages from $190.00
Healite II LED therapy
Healite LED $90.00
Clinical Peels
Advanced facial peels, starting from $140.00
Dermal Needling
Rejuvenation Dermal Rolling $600.00
Dermapen $600.00
Stamping $350.00
Platelet Rich Plasma

Call us on (08) 9245 3376  or email to enquire. 

Excess Sweating Solutions (armpit)

Call us on (08) 9245 3376  or email to enquire. 

Doctor Cosmetic Consultation Visit
Initial doctor cosmetic consultation visit (payable on day of visit) $180.00
Medicare rebate to you $76.95
Actual out-of-pocket cost to you $103.05*
Review cosmetic consultation visit (payable on day of visit) $110.00
Medicare rebate to you $39.75
Actual out-of-pocket cost to you $70.25


Cosmetic Enhancements

Call us on (08) 9245 3376  or email to enquire. Costs can start from $370. Come in for a consultation to discuss the right treatment plan for you. 

Solutions to Enhance Facial Volume

Call us on (08) 9245 3376  or email to enquire. Book a consultation to determine the best treatment plan for you. 

Laser Facial Peel
Laser Peel for rejuvenation, complexion restoration $660.00
Laser for Blood Vessels & Pigmented Spots
Laser spot treatment (age spots, liver spots, lentigo, freckles etc.) starts from $300.00
Laser for facial veins starts from $250.00
Laser, other blood vessels starts from $250.00
Laser Hair Removal (BBL)
Upper Lip $120.00
Chin $120.00
Lip & Chin $200.00
Sideburns $200.00
Underarm $250.00
Bikini $250.00
Bikini – extended $320.00
Brazilian $380.00
Lip, Chin and side burns $250.00
Lower Legs front or back $300.00
Abdomen Limited $300.00
Half Face $300.00
Abdomen Limited $300.00
Upper Shoulders $350.00
Lip, Chin, side burns and top of neck $400.00
Thigh front or back only $500.00
Forearm $500.00
Upper Arms $500.00
Neck $500.00
Upper Back $550.00
Chest $550.00
Full Face $550.00
Abdomen extensive $600.00
Forearms and Hand $600.00
Abdomen extensive $600.00
Thigh front AND back $650.00
Lower Legs front AND back $650.00
Full Leg front or back $750.00
Full Back $800.00
Face & Neck $800.00
Chest & Abdomen $1,000.00
Full Arms Laser $1,000.00
Face, Neck & De’colletage $1,100.00
Full Leg front AND back $1,200.00
Laser tattoo removal
Tattoo removal, per treatment starting from $300.00
Laser Skin rejuvenation (BBL)
BBL rejuvenation Full Face $550.00
BBL rejuvenation Neck $500.00
BBL rejuvenation De’colletage $500.00
BBL rejuvenation Hands $300.00
Other Cosmetic Treatments

We are bringing exciting new treatments online all the time. Don’t forget to ask in the practice about what’s new!