About Us


DermCo came together in early 2022, when several dermatology practices in Perth WA formed a larger group. DermCo is focussed on growing a nationwide network of practices synonymous with clinical excellence and ethical care.

DermCo is a doctor-owned and doctor-led Partner model. Our CEO and all Directors are doctors, the majority of whom are Dermatologists.

The group came together through a shared awareness of challenges facing the profession, and a mutual desire to improve access and outcomes for patients. DermCo has a commitment to the traditional model of face-to-face care. This is the gold standard. The group also seeks to innovate with new models for Dermatologists, such as teledermatology and online services, to meet the expectations of the next generation of patients.

The DermCo Clinical Council, consisting of elected Dermatologists, provides clinical oversight of all new initiatives to ensure they are clinically sound, and delivering the best outcomes for patients.

Commercially, the DermCo model is one of shared ownership and re-distribution of profits amongst Partner dermatologists. The aim is to provide a growing source of passive income for doctors in the group, and a mechanism for Partners to acquire equity should they wish.

The group seeks to grow by:

  • inviting new practices and Dermatologists to join;
  • becoming a practice group of choice for early career Dermatologists;
  • taking on new projects only feasible with the scale of a large group;
  • innovating commercially within the domain of dermatology, using the expertise of the group;
  • fostering a culture of inclusion and collegiality